ABRSM exams are marked out of 150:

  • Pieces 30 marks for each piece,
  • Sight Reading out of 21 marks,
  • Scales and Arpeggios 21 marks,
  • Aural tests out of 18 marks

1. Pieces

Students learn 3 pieces from the latest ABRSM exam book.

2. Sight Reading

Sight reading is marked for Rhythm and Fluency, Accuracy, Musical Detail and Confidence.

3. Scales and Arpeggios

Scales and Arpeggios marked for Rhythmic Fluency, Accuracy and confidence.

4. Aural Tests

Aural tests are marked for Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo, Musical Memory, and include Clapping, Echo Singing and Answering questions about a short piece of music.

Aural App

An Aural App can be downloaded for practice.